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"Within three months of signing (with Makrwatch), immediately the return started to come in, and it started to show that, yeah, it definitely was the right course of action because now I make videos and I know I'm actually getting paid for that content."

Rachelle in theory

Content Creator, Decorative Planning

$20M in

Distributed to creators worldwide


Represented across multiple languages


Published Sponsorships


Individual creator collaborations

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We're a small team, with a big vision; that people should be able to dedicate time to their passions and have a chance to share them with the world. We're here to help creators do that.

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"Since working with Makrwatch I've noticed a huge uptick in my sponsorship volume"

Katie Mai

Content Creator, Illustrator
"I am very satisfied with the brands with which I have been able to do sponsorships with, which are brands that are not going to write to your email but you have to go look for them, and that is something for which I had neither energy nor time. They have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I’m very grateful to them."


Content Creator, Cinema

100% creator

72% avg. growth in sponsorship rates

30+ active brand relationships

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Knitty Natty
Knitting, Lifestyle
Photography, Cinema
Rachelle in theory
Productivity, Decorative planning
The Cherno
Software/Game Development
Language, Travel
Hearthstone Gaming
Wild She Goes
Travel, Sustainability
Art, Lifestyle
Mimimoo Illustration
Art, Art Business, Creator Business
Knitting, Lifestyle
Katie Mai
Art, Lifestyle

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