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We believe in creating great partnerships between online content creators and brands. Here we bring you a collection of stories that highlight how Makrwatch worked alongside these clients to build successful influencer marketing campaigns.
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Makrwatch has been partnering with Skillshare since 2017. Throughout the partnership, Makrwatch has facilitated partnerships with over 3,000 creators that produced over 18,000 videos for the brand. In 2021, Skillshare published an average of 774 videos per month through Makrwatch.
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Throughout our five years of working together, Makrwatch strived to go above and beyond to provide us high quality service. This ranged from building custom technological solutions, to providing us with high-value insights from the data they gathered and making the implementation of tech and service solutions simple and seamless.

Growth Marketing Team at Skillshare

Makrwatch was able to help Bokksu find great creators within our niche while also keeping our cost risk very controlled, allowing us to grow our program to new and significant heights throughout the course of our partnership. They also always gave us regular detailed performance reporting that allowed us to keep a close eye on our CPA goals.

Danny Taing, founder and CEO of Bokksu.

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