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Join thousands of YouTube content creators and partner with key brands to increase your revenue and continue spreading your passion.
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Getting sponsored made easier

From first contact, to final payment, we accompany you every step of the way. Accept deals at the click of a mouse and submit your video easily in our CreatorOS.
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Your success is our success

We partner with industry-leading brands to sponsor creative content across different niches. You'll receive a detailed creative brief and all information necessary to create your sponsorship, submit your video and set up payment details.
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All-in-one system

From first contact to final payment, we become your one stop shop for everything related to your sponsorship.

One-click contracts

Our fully automated system allows you to accept deals at the click of a mouse and access your contract at any time.

Easy payments

We use a secure, automated platform that generates your invoices for you and ensures you get paid in full and on time, every time.

A platform made for you

Our CreatorOS allows you to accept contracts easily and follow every step of your sponsorship deal up close. Track your sponsorship deadlines, payment dates and submit your content for brand approval all from one easy-to-use platform.

More opportunities with multiple brands

Makrwatch works with a myriad of brands and programs targeting different audiences. Because of that, we always have new sponsorship opportunities available.
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Industry Insights

I only had a handful of subscribers when they reached out and I will always be thankful to Makrwatch for seeing the potential in me and giving me the opportunity to be an ambassador of their different brand partners. After more than a year and lots of sponsorships that they have sent my way, I couldn’t think of any partnership more successful than what I have with Makrwatch.

Mimi Luarca, YouTube Creator

I’ve worked on 12 sponsorship videos with the help of Makrwatch and will gladly continue to work with them in future sponsorships. I would definitely recommend Makrwatch for any YouTube creator wanting to partner with brands and increase their earnings.

Thilakanathan Studios, YouTube Creator

I really enjoyed working with the Markwatch team! Their communication was always top-notch with me. A punctual turnaround time on content is important to my brand. Markwatch and I always made that a priority as well!

Caitlyn Neier, YouTube Creator

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