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Discover the best YouTube creators to partner with, confidently predict campaign results, and measure content efforts with real-time data.

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Less time searching, more time executing

Throw away those boring spreadsheets! We analyze the historic performance of each YouTube Creator to accurately predict future performance for your campaign. We even tell you how much they will cost before you contact them!

Predicted views and engagement rate on each YouTube video
Analyze content and topic relevance for each YouTuber in your influencer marketing campaign

Make confident decisions, backed up by data

Choosing the right YouTube partners is part art, part science. We’ve got the science part covered with relevant, real-time data to help you get your final choices approved, and loved by your decision-makers.

Stay up to date with industry trends and partnerships

Don’t wait for ‘end of campaign reports’. Instantly check on the performance of content, and see how you stack up against the competition. Forget static Powerpoint slides and embrace real-time interactive results that matter.

Organize YouTube influencers in list and get all their reach, engagement and contact information in one table

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