Focused on helping you succeed in YouTube Influencer Marketing

Makrwatch is a full-service performance agency focused exclusively on influencer marketing on YouTube. Our vast experience working with all types of YouTube creators and our unique mix of human-led services and technology-enabled processes has allowed us to achieve consistent performance success for our clients.

Reach your audience when they're paying attention & engaged

Partnering with the right YouTube channel is a huge part of ensuring success in influencer marketing. Our data-driven approach to creator selection and existing relationships with thousands of creators, Makrwatch can connect you with the best creators for your brand.

ROI-driven approach to partnerships that perform for the long-term

We work with hundreds of creators every month & have collected thousands of data-points on key industry metrics; from placement pricing to conversion rates, & ROI. Our mutually-beneficial approach to negotiations is designed to create long-term success for both brands and creators.

Quality content that speaks to audiences, drives action, and converts.

Content creators are experts at engaging their audiences; so we work with them to incorporate your brand in an authentic & organic way; ensuring that their content meets your brands quality standards without compromising on creativity.

Payments? Contracts? Tax Forms? We do it all so you don't have to!

We manage all the administrative processes of your program, from licensing agreements and contracts, to taxes and creator invoicing. We strive to ensure your brand is always well-protected and creators receive prompt, timely payments.

Our approach to working with clients

We want to be an extension of our clients team and help them to tackle their customer acquisition challenges.

How can we help?

Get in touch to discuss how Makrwatch can analyze your current needs and help you get started, or scale your existing program!

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