Understand YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Industry

Discover the brands working with YouTube Creators, and stay on top of your competitors sponsored partnerships with influencers.

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Your Competitors On YouTube, At A Glance

Study your competitors’ influencer marketing strategies on YouTube, and discover which influencers they’re partnering with.


Find Sponsored Content from Brands in your Industry

Examine the content strategies of the brands in your industry to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t when collaborating with YouTube Creators.


Identify Growing Trends In Your Industry

Leverage content creation and partnership opportunities by analyzing real-time data on popular and growing videos in any niche.


Understand Thousands Of Hours of Video In An Instant

Gain a macro perspective into what’s happening inside the videos in your industry, showing you the brands and products that content creators are featuring.

Stay on Top of Your Industry’s Trends

Get ahead on the insights and trends that will give your brand a competitive edge. Contact us to see how Makrwatch can help you get started.

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