Optimize the ROI of YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Gain insights into the performance metrics of brand collaborations with YouTube Creators, at every step of the campaign.

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Real-Time Campaign Insights

Stay on top of the performance of branded content collaborations, to maximize business opportunities and get the most out of your investment.


Understand the Behavior of Sponsored Content

Analyze the true reach of collaborations with YouTube Creators by understanding exactly who saw your brand’s sponsored mention.


Gain Insights Into Your Brand Perception

See what audiences are saying about your brand in real-time, and get a clear picture of overall brand sentiment on sponsored content


Decipher the Customer Funnel of Every Campaign

Identify key areas for improvement to optimize the results of future collaborations, and calculate the ROI of your overall campaign.

Launch Successful YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Create impactful collaborations with YouTube Creators from the get go. Get in touch to discuss how Makrwatch can help you optimize your campaigns.

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