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The Makrwatch App is a tool to price and present your content professionally. Manage your sponsorship deals and organize your sponsorship workflow.

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Holistic Pricing, Maximum Value

Unlock the true worth of your content. Empower yourself to determine your value and set competitive rates that reflect your reach, engagement, and expertise. Present your proposals confidently, knowing they're priced and presented appropriately for successful brand negotiations and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Simple Sponsorship Management

Streamline and track your sponsorship process. Gain a comprehensive overview of ongoing negotiations, bookings, and signed deals. Stay organized and focused on creating unique content while efficiently managing the status of each sponsorship opportunity. Simplify your workflow and maximize your collaboration potential.

Stay Organized and Ahead of Deadlines

Take control of your sponsorship calendar and never miss a deadline. Effectively plan your sponsored content creation process, stay organized, and gain complete visibility into your workload and earnings.

Why Makrwatch?

The Makrwatch app is a project where we bring our seven years of experience working with creators to create a product to help you grow your businesses.


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For creators already doing some sponsorships. Price and present better proposals. Organize your sponsorships. Maximize your earnings.


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Monthly charging, cancel at any time.

Proposal Pricing

Include base rates, extras, and discounts.

Booking Request

Brands can request sponsorship bookings on your proposals.

Manage your deal’s funnel

Organize your potential sponsorship deals.

Schedule your sponsorships

Schedule your commitments and control your workflow.

Personalized Onboarding

Get on a video call with our team for a product tour and understand how to price your content better.