What can Makrwatch's do for your team?

Whether you represent an advertising agency, a talent agency or a Startup, with our YouTube influencer search engine your team will save time and cut costs on intermediaries.

For Advertising Agencies

  • Speed up proposals. Quickly determine if there are good YouTube creators in your  client’s industry.

  • Estimate the reach, engagement and budget for an influencer marketing campaign.

  • Monitor unlimited YouTube creators in different industries and provide your clients with real time information on each YouTube influencer.

  • Monitor your and your competitors YouTube content.

For Startups

  • Discover influencer marketing with an easy to use tool.

  • Keep track of the leading content creators in your industry

  • Find great micro-influencers with engaged audiences.

  • Save time and cut costs by doing influencer marketing without requiring an intermediary agency.

For Talent Agencies

  • Find trending creators and keep track of the rising stars in each industry.

  • Track all your talent pool with real time data analytics. Know which creators are growing fast.

  • Speed up proposals with relevant KPIs for your prospect clients.

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